New White Paper: An Introduction to SharePoint Governance

May 4, 2011

New White Paper: An Introduction to SharePoint Governance

We have just published a new white paper entitled, “An Introduction to SharePoint Governance”.  It is available for download in the White Papers and Governance Resources section of our site.

The following topics are covered in the white paper:


What is Governance?

Governance and SharePoint: An Example

Why Governance?

Reduced Risk of Failure

A SharePoint Project is NOT a Typical IT Project

A Focus on Buy-In and Adoption from Day One

How To Incorporate Governance Into Your SharePoint Project

Key Objectives for a Governance Program for SharePoint

Incorporating Existing Governance Structures

Using Existing Information Technology Governance Models

Facilitating the Discussion

Key Deliverables from a Governance Strategy Project

Setting Expectations for On-Going Involvement

Sustainable Strategy

Use SharePoint to Manage SharePoint

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